Android 13 Release date, Beta Version, Features

Even though Android 12 has recently made its debut on a number of the world’s greatest smartphones, we’re already looking forward to the Android 13 release date. The following central generation of Google’s mobile operating system has received two developer previews and is currently available as a beta test version. Furthermore, a stable launch will take place considerably sooner this year than it did last year. We’ll look at what you can anticipate from the following major Android version update in the sections below.

Android 13 Release Date

The release of Android 13 is expected to take place at Google’s annual developer conference, Google I/O, which is planned to take place on May 11th and 12th this year. However, it is not likely to be available to the general public until later this year.

Google will begin testing Android 13 with a small number of people shortly. The firm has made developer previews of the operating system available for app developers. Following that, early testers will get Android 13 beta upgrades, and the final AOSP copy of the next Android version will be released somewhere in September or October. According to the company, Google’s Pixel smartphones will be among the first to get the Android 13 upgrade.

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The Android 13 operating system is expected to be the successor of Android 12, which introduced the Material You design language, one of the most significant design overhauls the OS has seen since the introduction of Android 5.0. Google has already begun testing the next version of its hugely popular operating system, Android 13, but smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, and others continue to promote Android 12.

Android 13 Beta Version

Even though Android 13 is a significant mobile operating system upgrade, it is not currently accessible for users to download and install on their Android smartphones and tablets. The software is now at an early release stage, which means that anybody may try it, but it is not yet reliable.

First, the developer preview was made available in February for developers. Then the public beta was made available in April, enabling anybody to install Android 13 mobile devices and try it out for themselves. An official stable (or public) version of Android 13 for all new Android devices will be made available later in the year after the beta release.

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On the Android Developer blog, Dave Burke, Google’s vice president of engineering for Android, provided a complete overview of the many changes that have been implemented in Android 13. More customization and privacy settings, as well as additional language selections, are among the new features. There are also various under-the-hood improvements.

Android 13 Features


In recent years, Material You, introduced in Android 12, has been one of the significant UI updates to the operating system. The redesigned interface provides a more personal customizing experience, which includes wallpaper-based color palette settings and more detailed animations. Although Android 13 does not seem to depart from the previous version significantly, Google is still planning to include new functionality and design adjustments.

Attractive Icons

When Google released the initial developer preview, the screenshots seen above were made available to the public. The Android version released in 2022 will enable you to customize your icons in the same way you can customize the rest of the operating system with Android 12.

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Unfortunately, there are two limitations to be aware of in this case. The first is that, at least initially, this will only be accessible on Pixel smartphones. The second limitation is that it will only function with applications where the developer has supplied a monochromatic icon for Material You to utilize.

lock screen clock setup

Users will be able to choose between two different clock layouts on the lock screen in Android 13. Users will have the option of choosing between a single-line layout and the current double-line layout. Settings > Display > Lock Screen will quickly bring you to this feature’s configuration page.

Widget updated

You’ll notice that the media player that shows in your notification area has a new appearance. Album art will now take up the whole of the widget’s backdrop, and the controls have been rearranged a little to accommodate this better. We also noticed that the progress indicator generates a shaky line as your music progresses in the initial beta version. However, it is unclear whether or not these modifications would be limited to Pixels.

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