Latest version of Pubg State Apk (Works Globally & No ads)

Download the latest version of Pubg State Apk, The best action game for Android. This game is similar to PUBG All Game, but its graphics and Feature are so cool, and it works globally & with no ads. Get your Apk now.

KRAFTON, Inc. has also launched Pubg New State. This battle royale game will elevate your gaming experience. Everyone is familiar with battle royale games, and Pubg Mobile is the king of this genre. The time is now when the tables will turn. The Pubg New State offers everything you could want in a battle royale game. You will enjoy high-end futurist graphics and an exciting, thrilling, and adventurous gaming experience.

This game, which KRAFTON just launched, has already attracted over 55 million pre-registrations and has been downloaded millions of times in just one day. Although there are many battle royal games on the market, this is the best. This is the royal battle game you should be playing. Click the link below to “Download Pubg State APK Latest Version.” Just download, install, and enjoy!

About Pubg New State APK

Pubg New State, the futuristic game where you can see the ongoing battles across the map, is called the game of the future. The game takes you to 2051, where technology is far more advanced than it is now. There are many futuristic gadgets available and buildings. The game features many amazing and captivating cars like a superbike, jeep, and other vehicles. This game will make you fall in love.

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PUBG Mobile’s gameplay is almost identical to the PUBG Mobile, despite some changes in the environment, map, and gameplay experience. This game also features drones that can be used for pinpointing the location of your enemies. Open-world allows you to explore many places and discover useful items. Enjoy exploring large areas with amazing vehicles that cover large distances in a short time.

You can play this multiplayer game with your friends or other online players around the globe. This game can be played solo, in a duo, or squad mode with four players, including your friends. HD voice calls are available in this game, which allows users to communicate with one another while playing a squad or duo game. This amazing Feature allows you to chat with your friends and create real-time strategies that will help you defeat your enemies.

Be The Last Survivor

Although the game has improved, the gameplay is the same. You will be playing in a match against 100 other players. Your goal is to win the match and become the last survivor. First, you must decide whether you wish to play the game solo, in a duo, or squad. Next, choose your favorite map and then start the game. Waiting for other players to join may take a while. After that, an aircraft will transport all players to an island to play the game.

Secondly, after you have jumped and landed on the island, search for weapons, attachments, and other equipment. Next, look out for any enemies nearby and eliminate them before they can find weapons or other useful stuff. The blue zone shrinks over time. If you are in it, you will take some damage. As the game ends, the blue zone will shrink and cause you to take a lot more damage. You can even die.

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You must also choose the best equipment and weapons to win a match. Find all alive players, kill them all, and you will be on your way to victory. Be a winner, and you will enjoy your victory.

Many Outfits and Weapons

This game will allow you to play with a variety of weapons that look very similar to real-world weapons. You will find AR Guns and Snipers as well as shotguns, shotguns, pistols, pans, frag Granade and Smoke Granade in this game. Pick your favorite weapon and locate them on the battlefield as quickly as possible to defeat your enemies. You can attach a variety of attachments to your gun, including a silencer, compensator, and grip. These attachments will increase your ability to stabilize, and reduce the reload times, aim, firing speed, and other useful features.

You can also find a variety of amazing outfits in this game, including hats and glasses, shirts and pants, masks, helmets and backpacks, parachutes, and more. You can choose your favorites and create a unique look for your character.

Graphics and Sound

The game’s 3D graphics look very realistic and appealing. It gives you the impression of being a soldier in real life. You can enjoy the game on all Android devices with no issues. You can customize your guns to improve their capabilities and give them a unique appearance. The game’s futuristic graphics are unlike any other android game. You can also customize the graphics to suit your needs, such as frame rate, graphics quality, color theme, and more.

This game’s sound effects are impressive and provide information about nearby enemies. This game’s sound is very important as it informs you about nearby enemies and helps you identify their unique guns. This helps you build better strategies to defeat them. You can also fall back if your enemies have more powerful guns than you, and you don’t get killed. To enjoy a better gaming experience, headphones are highly recommended.

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The Advantages of Pubg New State APK

  • Play online with friends or other players from around the globe.
  • There are many maps and modes to choose from.
  • There are many realistic weapons and attachments available.
  • There are many stunning gun skins available. Choose from them all to give your gun an original look.
  • A huge selection of amazing outfits, shoes, and helmets.
  • Next-generation 3D graphics with realistic and astonishing results.
  • You can adjust the quality of your graphics with a lot of customization.
  • Enjoy the huge open-world map to your fullest enjoyment of the game.
  • This is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market.
  • Play for free

Feature of Pubg New State APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked all Premium Features
  • Unlimited UC
  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited BP
  • No ads
  • Unlimited Everything


  • Bug fixes
  • Better gameplay

Pubg New State OBB+ Apk Download

Enjoy Pubg New State. We provide the best apk for you; if you need more than that, we link to Pubg New State to give you the perfect one.

How do you install Pubg New State?

  1. Download “Pubg New State” APK
  2. You can install the Download Apk from anywhere without internet/wifi.
  3. Close the Installer and complete your task.
  4. Allow it to Install Completely on Your Android Device
  5. Get unlimited resources for free by opening the APK App

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