Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 APK (Full Game + Mod Menu)

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 features horror, action and adventure. It explores the remains of a toy manufacturing plant using a backpack equipped with a magical hand called “GrabPack.” Chapter 2 is a sequel to Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 and begins chronologically right after Chapter 1. The main character of Chapter 2 is the same as 1. The cleaner has been renewed! Mommy Long Legs, a pink doll with stretchable limbs, confronts the main character who defeats HuggyWuggy, the giant blue doll. The horror and puzzles are more intense than in the previous work.

Use Magic Hands to Explore! Find the mystery and move on.

GrabPack allows you to point your gun at the area you wish to inspect and verify the behavior. The player, the main character, is responsible for exploring the factory ruins and uncovering the truth about the disappearance. The factory’s interior is divided by puzzle-like gimmicks. You can only go further if you solve this mystery. A backpack equipped with a magical hand called “GrabPack” is the weapon that will solve the mystery.

Each can be fired by tapping the button at the bill mark. The magic hand will touch a controllable object when it is released. Even though the main character is fixed, it can still move but only up to the distance of its magic hand. You can pull it along if the object is lightweight, such as cardboard or a stepladder.

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After solving the mystery, remember the “GrabPack” characteristic. It is electricity. You can send electricity to other hands by touching the power supply. The key to solving the mystery is electricity.

It is essential to play the work that preceded it! Instead of a chapter, Stage 2 is the stage.

This is because sequels generally have the same story, worldview and primary character but are still considered complete works. The sequel and the predecessor are, therefore, separate works. This work, however, is divided into two episodes. Playing from 2 is like watching a serial drama in the middle. I wonder why the main character is here or what’s happening.

Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 is a great place to start if you’re looking for a fun way to play. Even those who have read the previous work should still play the original work even if they are still determining the story. The previous version of the work can be downloaded for half the cost. The price of this work will come to around 1000 yen when combined with the previous version.

The PC version offers Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 for just over 1000 yen. If you can play the game continuously, the price difference between the PC and smartphone versions is negligible. The work could be more action-oriented, so you can still play comfortably on the smartphone. We recommend the smartphone version if you want to play casually at home or on the move.

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The Horror and Puzzles that go beyond the scope of previous work

The first work’s contents need to be explained. You can always review the first work if you need clarification. This work is for people who have completed Chapter 1. This is why you need help understanding the work, even if it starts. On the other hand, those who have done the work before having the advantage of not having to do it again.

Yes, the fear and mystery-solving in this work are not a repeat of the prior work. It has been improved based on previous work!

GrabPack Master! Challenging riddles

It takes effort to solve this mystery in a hurry after play begins. That’s it. This work is only for those who have completed Chapter 1. This means that the work will be more difficult immediately after Chapter 1. It may seem too difficult if you don’t remember what Chapter 1 is all about. If we keep Chapter 1 as mysterious as Chapter 1, those who can recall Chapter 1 will say, “It’s too simple …” and “It just repeats the same thing.”

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These are the reasons this difficulty setting was appropriate. You should be able to recall Chapter 1 and play and feel that the difficulty setting is appropriate and chewy.

Creepy Horror Attacks Mommy Long Legs

HuggyWuggy was the creature that appeared in the previous works. It had a reasonably simple fear. A large and powerful entity killed the creature! Direct fear. On the other hand, Mommy Long Legs have the impression that this work is both scary and gross. The arms and legs are extended and move around endlessly. Yeah, it’s gross. It’s also strangely disgusting that they don’t get killed the first time they meet. It’s not scary to be attacked and beaten by someone who promises, “I’ll murder you!”

The fact that the main character’s left hand is missing from “GrabPack” at the beginning adds a new level of fear to the work. The gimmick that can be called the only weapon in work makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. It’s great that this work never repeats the previous work, even if it is horror due to such ingenuity.

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