Songsterr Guitar Tabs & Chords APK + MOD (Unlocked Premium)

Songsterr MOD APK creates unique mixes and allows users to read paper versions of tracks containing guitar, bass, or drum chords. It is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to learn about various instruments. You can either choose from the list or search the toolbar. When updating an application, refer to the standard blank notation.


Songsterr MOD APK will store all songs with recorded notes. The Songsterr collection’s capacity will amaze you without restricting the territory’s scope or topic. You can search and choose individual songs from different categories. Each tab will only contain one song. We guarantee the quality and accuracy of each special recording.


To create a new piece of music, the task of creating chord clusters is completed. The chords are created from notes separately to ensure high-quality transcriptions. The application allows users to study and use it simultaneously. This is a great way to entertain yourself. Referencing the instrument engine, you can immerse yourself in musical notes and discover new songs.

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You will have different ways of playing each song or different instruments. Songsterr created tabs for each song, and more mixes, to meet this need. Each record will include at least one instrument. The missing number will soon be updated so everyone can access the song with the most diverse instruments.


Advanced mode users must purchase a license from the store to enjoy exclusive offers. You can also play backtracks at different speeds with special offers from publishers. It’s better to finish a difficult lesson than to rewind the music. You can turn the music off if the music is making you feel disturbed while you are studying. You can create different loops to help you focus on the track. You can stop recordings from being transferred by only selecting the mode of the instrument you use. You can use a countdown timer to begin to complete preparations before you start playing.

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Songsterr can record the content that you provide. Contributions will be acknowledged and paid for by your efforts. Check out the history section to find old lessons. To mark tracks that have been completed and lessons they wish to learn in the future, users should create a favourites list. We’ll play any music that has been previously opened, so feel free to if we are offline.


Songsterr APP offers quality lessons for thousands of songs in different genres. This is a great resource to meet the needs of those who want to learn how to play drums, guitar, and bass. You can make the experience even more enjoyable by purchasing an upgrade license. Premium users enjoy exclusive privileges. You can save your chosen unique tracks and play them again to finish the lesson.

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  • Learn how to play more than 500,000 pieces of music and a wide range of chords.
  • You can create new mixes or use special instruments to unleash your creativity.
  • These recordings are suitable for various musical instruments, such as drums, guitar, bass, or drums. We also have complete recordings for each instrument.
  • Increase the user experience, increase the support tools, and record upgrades
  • Save favourites, create new folders each day, learn, have lots of fun and more

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