Fifa Mobile Players / Beta Download Link

EA has released FIFA Mobile 2023 Season 2 information after a lengthy wait. The developers announced that FIFA Mobile 2023 would undergo a restricted beta test before officially releasing it next year. Beginning November 22nd, a restricted beta test will be in India, Canada, and Romania for three weeks. Play Stores are the only places where Android users can download the game right now. But don’t worry if you don’t live in one of those fortunate nations; here’s how to get the FIFA Mobile 2023 beta from everywhere!

Fifa Mobile 2023

FIFA Mobile Soccer is a mobile fantasy sports software that allows users to construct their dream teams and compete against other players from around the globe. As FIFA Mobile Soccer is a game that you can play on iOS and Android smartphones. This software is rated for all ages and includes in-app purchases and adverts. This software is suitable for adolescents under the supervision of an adult.

FIFA 22 Mobile is a smartphone version of FIFA 22. Also, you may play Real Madrid or Manchester City, for example. You may also begin assembling your Ultimate Team by selecting players from the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, MLS, and other leagues. You may also compete with your pals Play 11v11 against your pals in real-time. Keep track of your friends in-game and your head-to-head record to earn bragging rights.

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FIFA Mobile 2023 Beta version

The limited beta for FIFA Mobile New Season (2021-2023) is currently available for Android testers in India, Canada, and Romania.

Gamers from these nations may now apply for early access to the FIFA Mobile 2023 game, which is presented exclusively accessible for Android mobile devices on Google Play. Under the FIFA Mobile Limited Beta for Android, testers may test new modes, game features, and gameplay in development.

The game has undergone an entirely new design! Thanks to a fresh new engine and a significant graphic upgrade, the game seems more natural and at home. There are presently just a few game types available in the FIFA Mobile 2023 beta, including the traditional PVP-based VSA and H2H encounters, as well as a few Live Events. The Live Events refreshes every eight hours, awarding you with Elite Players for your Ultimate Team.

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Aside from that, the game boasts a slew of new features, including the fan-favorite 3-4-3 Diamond Formation, in-game commentary, replacements, role assignment, and the fast sale option. The majority of these elements are present in Nexon’s FIFA Mobile Japan, and it is a hope that EA would focus on the good aspects of the game rather than the mainly P2W-influenced market when it launches globally.

FIFA Mobile 2023 Beta Features

For those in India, Romania, and Canada, the beta for FIFA Mobile 2023 is now available. There’s a lot for gamers to do in this test, and the gaming community seems to be loving it.

The beta currently contains the following features:

  • Stadium SFX & Audio Commentary
  • New Graphics Settings is there for the upgraded visuals.
  • Mini-Events including Matches and Skill Games
  • Attack vs. Head-to-Head
  • New menus and user interface
  • New Player Development System
  • Daily Challenges
  • Star Pass has undergone a significant change.
  • Bonuses for logging in
  • Store Packs and a New Storefront
  • Base Players, Base Icon Players, and Event Players are the three types of players.

FIFA Mobile 2023 beta: How to Download?

  • You’ll need an Indian, Canadian, or Romanian Google account to play the game.
  • You may acquire one by using any VPN of your choosing.
  • Install the VPN and choose India, Canada, or Romania as your destination.
  • Go to the Play Store and create a new account to get started. Skip this step if you don’t wish to add a cellphone number.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Go to the Google Play Store for the game once your new account is ready.
  • Install the game after downloading it.
  • While playing the game, keep your VPN turned on.
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Remember that the game needs an active and reliable Internet connection, so make sure your network is robust, and your VPN is on. You can start playing the game right now! The game is currently only accessible on Android smartphones and is not available on Apple devices.

Fifa Release Date

There is no official word on when FIFA Mobile 2023 will be released; however, many believe it will be on Tuesday, January 18th, 2023. Players are encouraged to upgrade the App Store and Play Store after the new season has begun.