Parivar Kalyan Card Uttar Pradesh 2022



It is being seen from Uttar Pradesh that the Yogi government is soon going to implement a visionary plan. Just as the governments of Haryana and Karnataka have introduced family identity cards, family cards, etc., the UP government is going to bring the provision of Parivar Kalyan Cards. So let us know through this article what are the important things related to the Parivar Kalyan Card under consideration by the UP government. Here every important fact related to the Parivar Kalyan Card scheme will be highlighted.

Parivar Kalyan Card UP 2022

scheme name Parivar Kalyan Card
year 2022
beneficiary Native of UP
Website click
toll free number click

What is Parivar Kalyan Card?

The government of Uttar Pradesh has come up with a proposal to bring Parivar Kalyan Card. Let us tell you that a twelve digit ID number will be mentioned on the Parivar Kalyan Card like Aadhar card. This card will be specially brought for the prevention of fake cards. This card will help the government to map those families who are taking double benefit of government schemes or are not able to take benefits at all. This is a visionary initiative. After the arrival of the Parivar Kalyan Card, employment related problems are also likely to be solved. It was first launched in Prayagraj during a pilot project. Government officials believe that the Parivar Kalyan Card will help identify fake cards and help families who are away from the benefits of government schemes.

Features and benefits of Parivar Kalyan Card

  • Parivar Kalyan Card is a far-reaching scheme proposed by the UP government.
  • The data entered in this card will be taken keeping the ration card in mind.
  • It is believed that the UP government has inspired the Haryana and Karnataka governments to launch this card.
  • With the introduction of this card, the process related to job application will also be simplified.
  • Apart from this, the government will be able to reach those families who are taking double benefit of any government scheme.
  • The government will also support those families who are deprived of government benefits.

Eligibility Criteria of Parivar Kalyan Card

  • The benefit of Parivar Kalyan Card will be available to the natives of UP.
  • Under this, such families will come who were not able to take advantage of government schemes till now.

Parivar Kalyan Card Official Website

The official website related to Parivar Kalyan Card has not been launched yet. UP government will share information related to this in the near future.

Parivar Kalyan Card Toll Free Number

The toll free number associated with the Parivar Kalyan Card is not yet launched in the public domain. Hope the information related to this comes soon.

Application for Parivar Kalyan Card

The application process for Parivar Kalyan Card will be shared soon. The government is making efforts in this direction.


Q- In whose interest will the Parivar Kalyan Card be made?

ANS- For residents of UP.

Q- Is there a toll free number associated with the Parivar Kalyan Card launch?

ANS- Not yet.

Q- Name the portal for Parivar Kalyan Card?

ANS – Not launched yet.

Q- What is the purpose of Parivar Kalyan Card?

ANS – To give employment.

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