Girl Slaps Boy in Delhi Metro Video Surfaces-Watch Online


A viral video of a boy and girl fighting in the Delhi metro has been uploaded to social media. The quarrel is stopped by a smack between the boy and the girl, which makes other passengers gasp in amazement. The video shows a young man and young woman arguing about the price of the garment. Although the young lady claimed that she bought a Zara T-shirt for Rs 1000, the young man countered and said that the clothing could not have been more expensive than Rs 150. You can read the article to learn more about Girl Slaps Boy Metro Delhi.

In Delhi Metro, a Girl Slaps a Boy

People post an undated video to social media, where they can see everyone in the Delhi Metro carriage wearing the mask. The video was taken by someone inside the vehicle. Other instances show the girl giving a smack the guy. However, it is not clear if this was staged footage or if they were actually fighting.

The video was uploaded at a time when NCR’s Metro became very popular. YouTuber Gaurav Taneja was detained for a day after he hosted a surprise birthday party at Noida Metro Station, which led to an overcrowded environment. The YouTuber was arrested for violating two sections of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) in Noida.

Video Surfaces: Delhi Metro Girl Slaps Boy

One person made the following observation via Twitter: “These people believe they may disturb other people in public.. The covid mask enables these people to be evil while previously they would have thought twice.” Some people find it funny, while others feel insulted. Tweeples also Retweet the video.

An earlier incident that involved the Delhi metro saw Flying Beast, also known by Gaurav Taneja and other YouTubers, being detained by Noida police. This happened when hundreds of his followers met at a metro station to celebrate his birthday, as requested by Ritu Rathee, his wife.

Video Watch Online: Girl Slaps Boy in Delhi Metro

Taneja was initially taken into police custody for violating the Noida prohibitory orders due to the increase in COVID-19 cases. He was then detained under sections 144 and 188 of Indian Penal Codes (disobedience by order duly promulgated or public servant) and section 341 Indian Penal Codes (Punishment of wrongful restraint). He was released on bond just hours after his arrest.

Taneja issued a statement about the incident in which he mentions that he was allowed to spend his birthday at metro. He also seems to have made fun of himself, posting lots of memes on his Instagram stories. This would also be consistent with the previous statement.

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