Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana-2022


During the presentation of the budget in the state of Jharkhand, it has also been announced to start the Agri Smart Village scheme. Let us tell you that the development of the village will be done under this scheme. This work will be done on the basis of different phases. To know all the information about this, read our entire post today.

Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana 2022

scheme name Agri Smart Village Scheme
where did it start Jharkhand
when was it announced March, 2022
who launched Jharkhand Finance Minister
beneficiary farmers and ranchers
Objective development of villages
toll free number Not there

What is Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana

Agri Smart Gram Yojana is made for the rural areas of Jharkhand. Through this scheme, the state government of Jharkhand will work on making the villages of Jharkhand agri-smart. In this way, farmers will be given information about using new equipment under this scheme.

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Jharkhand Agri Smart Village Scheme Objective

The main objective of the Agri Smart Gram Yojana in the state of Jharkhand is the holistic development of the villages. In the first phase of this scheme, 100 villages will be selected. After that after analyzing their gap, schemes will be implemented to develop them. In this way rural areas of Jharkhand will be developed through Agri Smart Gram Yojana.

Jharkhand Agri Smart Village Scheme Benefits

The main benefits of Agri Smart Gram Yojana to be launched in Jharkhand are as follows –

  • Will teach to use smart farming equipments to increase the income of the farmers of the state.
  • Efforts will be made to make irrigation easy for all farmers.
  • Apart from this, the government will also pay attention to fisheries and animal husbandry.
  • Cows and goats will be provided to all the small farmers.
  • Special attention will also be given to the fact that every farm should have electricity facility.
  • In order to increase the profit of the farmers, arrangements will be made for cheap transportation to transport the crop.

Jharkhand Agri Smart Village Scheme Eligibility

Under this scheme, the rural residents of Jharkhand should have the following qualifications –

  • The farmer should be a resident of Jharkhand.
  • The farmer should have land for cultivation.
  • The beneficiary is either a farmer or a livestock farmer.
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Jharkhand Agri Smart Village Scheme Application

In this scheme, no information related to the application has been given by the government. For this, whatever information the government shares later. It will be updated in our article.


Q: Where has the Agri Smart Village scheme been launched?

Ans: in Jharkhand.

Q: Who will benefit from Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana?

Ans: To all the villages of the state.

Q: Which is the official website for Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana?

Q : Is there any application process for Jharkhand Agri Smart Gram Yojana?

Ans: Information about this will be given soon.

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