Nothing Launcher Beta APK Available in Play Store

The Nothing OS Launcher is an excellent alternative to OxygenOS if you want a basic, quick launcher superior to OxygenOS. However, even though it is still in beta, this launcher is already rapid and has many valuable functions. By changing the icons and themes on your phone, you can completely transform the appearance and feel of your device and add additional features like smart folders and search assistants. Read the article to know about Nothing Launcher Beta APK – Now Available in Play Store, Download.

Nothing Launcher Beta APK

Nothing Launcher (Beta) is a beta version of the Nothing OS. Discover Android with the use of our easily recognizable design language. Maximum icons, maximum folders, and configurable weather and clock widgets are all standout features of the application. The launcher is now available for Samsung’s S21 and S22 series devices and Google’s Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 series smartphones, with OnePlus smartphones to follow shortly after.

The Nothing launcher’s user interface can be seen for the first time in a series of screenshots that have been made available on the Play Store. Currently, the software is at version 1.0.0, and it is compatible with Android 8.0 or above devices.

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Carl Pie introduced their first Nothing Phone 1 at the end of last month. You may not know that Carl Pie has created Nothing, a completely new technology business established after he departed from OnePlus. Ear 1 is the company’s first product, and it is available now. It is a pair of genuinely wireless earbuds with a one-of-a-kind design housed in semi-transparent housing. The Nothing OS, Phone 1, and the brand new Launcher, which is currently available for download, are next to be released.

Nothing Launcher Play Store

Carl Pie announced their first Nothing Phone 1 at the Nothing event 2022, in 2022. Even though there was little information shown at the event, other than a silhouette picture of the phone, the creator did demonstrate their proprietary Nothing OS for the phone. In addition, he said that a Nothing Launcher would be available in April 2020.

According to the current state of affairs, the launcher doesn’t provide much more than any other, with essential functions that can be found everywhere else. The typeface is the most distinctive feature of the launcher. However, it also includes background and two widgets to make it more functional. The two widgets you get are a clock and a widget, which are compatible with the Nothing “style.” In addition, the weather app supports both Celsius and Fahrenheit temperatures, and you may manually pick a location for it to display.

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Nothing Launcher Features

There are a maximum number of icons and folders

Android users will get a fresh experience. When you hold and push, you may expand app folders or individual applications to see the items you use the most. Any application may be launched immediately from your folders.

Bespoke Clock & Weather widgets

Human warmth balances out the coldness of technology. The dot-matrix typeface used in these widgets is our logo’s same font.

Nothing Wallpaper & Style

The Nothing wallpaper and color palette will provide a fresh look to your home screen.

How to Download Nothing Launcher Apk?

  • To be able to install Nothing OS Launcher (Beta) APK, you must first activate ‘Developer Options’ on your Android device. Many guides are accessible on the internet, including this one.
  • Select Install from sources other than the Play Store under developer settings once you’ve done that.
  • Enable the ‘Unknown Sources’ option in your browser.
  • That’s all there is to it! You are now prepared to begin the installation of the Nothing OS Launcher (Beta) APK. To install the APK file, download it from the URL provided above and tap on the install button.
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Nothing Launcher Features Beta

Nothing decided on the spur of the moment to make the Nothing Launcher available on the Google Play Store for additional Android devices. That’s an intriguing strategy since it implies that the corporation will make some of its applications available to users of all Android devices. The purpose, most likely, is to lure more people to the planned “Nothing ecosystem” by lowering the price of entry.

The Nothing Launcher is a sleek yet very straightforward launcher. In appearance, it’s pretty similar to the default Android launcher, but it includes a collection of regular circular app icons and a single Custom Wallpaper. Furthermore, the Nothing Launcher includes a collection of unique Widgets that are in keeping with the overall aesthetics of the app. A clod and a weather widget are included on the gadget. It is possible to order either with a transparent or a black backdrop, including dot matrix typography.

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