pTron Bassbuds Urban – Honest Review

This time I have bought an Indian company earbuds named pTron Bassbuds Urban and am using it for the past few days. That’s why I thought why not share my experience and review about pTron Bassbuds Urban so that if you want to buy this wireless earbuds then you can get help.

There is no restriction on Chinese companies that make electronics products such as smartphones, headphones and earbuds. But still the interest of the customers has changed a bit and they are showing their interest in Indian companies as well. Indian electronics companies like pTron which make products like headphones, fitness bands, smart watches.

The market is moving fast and if we talk about pTron, then its most popular wireless headphones and earbuds. That’s why I also bought bassbuds urban stereo Bluetooth headphones from the same company and I am going to share my experience about it here. But before that we get information about its specifications.

pTron Bassbuds Urban Specifications:

pTron Bassbuds Urban Specifications

1 year warranty This is the most common specification these days which is available with almost every branded product. Talking about earphones, it is more important to know about its sound, Bluetooth connectivity and battery.

  • Supported Standards: Ptron Bassbuds works on the Urban Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which is the latest version Bluetooth standard so far and will also get A2DP i.e. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile which controls audio streaming.
  • Audio Output Mode: You will get Stereo output mode in it, which is almost all earphones in today’s time.
  • Battery: It has a Lithium Polymer battery which can play music for up to 15 hours.
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All these have become necessary specifications which should be in a Bluetooth earphone but it has many other additional features as well.

  • It can connect with all Bluetooth devices, smartphones and tablets.
  • According to the specifications, this is a True Wireless Stereo Earbuds in which high bass, fast pairing, Smart Touch Control And features like 10m Wireless Range will be available.
  • It will get all the features like Voice Assistant as well as Built-in Stereo Mic, 5 hours music playtime, 4 Hours Talk-time and Music & Call control.

pTron Bassbuds Urban Design & Price

After the specifications of any headphone, there are 2 most important features. See its design and price and the design of pTron Bassbuds Urban for yourself in these images.

Talking about the price 1499 on Amazon And if you have a credit card of ICICI bank then you may get an extra discount of 5%.

pTron Bassbuds Urban Honest Review :

Bluetooth headphones have made their place in the market, but now Bluetooth earbuds are making their way in the market and the biggest reason for this is the price. Their price is high and because of the iPhone earbuds, it has become such a set in the mind of the customers that their price is very high.

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Because of this, most customers do not check even after seeing the earbuds. But if you check by clicking, you will come to know that the iPhone is not the only one.

Many companies make earbuds with the same sound quality and much less in price, pTron Bassbuds Urban is one such earbuds. Whose price is only 1500 rupees.

But these are amazing earbuds which get Stereo output, high bass and latest Bluetooth support. My experience with pTron was good and hardly any other good company in the range can give better features than it is priced.

Seeing the design, I felt that maybe it will not fit in the ear, it will fall again and again, but I tried in every possible way it fits perfectly and I felt the best touch of it which is very smooth and responsive.

Noise Cancellation will give you a better experience which is better for normal phone calls and you will get clear voice.

Battery does not run continuously in 15 hours but continuous streaming can be 5 to 6 hours and you will get a little less backup on call and I have tried it with earbuds from many companies. Almost the same backup is available in all.

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Friends, I have shared my honest review here in pTron Bassbuds Urban Hindi and according to me this is the best earbuds in Rs.1499. Which you can buy and if you already use it, then you must share your thoughts in the comment and hope you liked this Bluetooth earphone review and it has been helpful for you.

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