Top 5 Share Brokers In India

We are happy to present the Best Share Brokers in India. You will be able buy and sell shares through this account. A broker will help you open a demat account, as well as assist you with buying and selling shares.

Now, friends, you need to determine which broker or company is the most cost-effective for you. So, let’s get started.

  1. Fair value brokerage fee
  2. This is the best platform to buy and sell
  3. Annual maintenance charge should be lower.
  4. A product table of shares
  5. Great customer service is essential
  6. Online presence should not be the only thing.
  7. Customer should have access to accurate information and any suggestions.
  8. It is recommended that you link your bank account and trading account together
  9. No third-party funds should ever be transferred without any trouble

Friends, aside from these scales, gather more information about the brokerage firm and verify their trustworthiness. All brokerage companies claim to be the best.

  • Visit the SEBI website to see the company’s reputation
  • Ask people who use these services if they have any questions.
  • Compare the offers of companies and their reports online to find out what other people think about them and how they behave
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Top 5 Indian Share Brokers

We are here to share with you the top brokerages in India, dear friends.

1. ICICI Direct

Through its banking services, it enjoys good brand equity. This allows the company to attract a large number of customers at a very low price. The company’s brand value is immense, so the fees are high.

  • Their customers number 870070. They have 0.025% complaints. They also offer free suggestions.
  • They also have a good trading platform. You can open a demat account 975, and then charge Rs500 for AMC
  • It offers 3 in 1 classes, etc. programs etc.
  • Friends, this is your friend with branches in 87 city total customers is available with 2.6 lakhs
  • Trade-Racer, an online platform that facilitates fast selling and buying, makes it available.
  • You can benefit from it as one of the best brokers in India

2. HDFC Securities

Friends, this is a full-service trading company that also has brand equity through banking services. Customers can easily transfer funds within their savings or demat accounts.

  • This unique 4 in 1 trading account is unique
  • Active customers: 658668
  • Their complaints are 0. The lowest percentage is 001 %
  • You can also get free advice and their platform performance is excellent.
  • The brokerage fee is 0.5 per cent
  • IMC charges Rs 500 per Day for the demat account opening fee.
  • Friends HDFC Securities is in business since 15 years. There are more than 200 branches.
  • It is possible to create your own online application, which is also available on Google Playstore. This is a top-rated market product due to its accuracy & mobility
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3. Motilal Oswal

Friends Motilal Oswal & MOSL are one of the most trusted and respected stock brokers in India. They were established in 1987 and have been in operation since then. It is known for its value.

4. Zerodha

INDIA’S FIRST DISCOUNT, ESTABLISHED IN 2010, FRIENDS Zerodha uses flat rate brokerage model

  • It is completely online and the number of customers is 960992
  • This is the lowest percentage of complaints.
  • It does not offer free tips
  • The platform works great, and you don’t have to worry about paying brokerage.
  • Opening a demat account is Rs 200. Vishwapati is charged on Mr. Day. Other than that, they don’t charge any commission.
  • Zerodha is India’s first digital trading platform. It provides various trading platform like Zerodha Coin, Kite Zerodha, Zerodha Mutual Fund etc. A separate app, Zerodha Varsity, is available for teaching.
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5. Share Khan

It is one the most renowned and oldest brokers in India. Since the last few years, it has promoted equity or built brand value. They have created many platforms.

  • Their customers number 508107 and their complaints number 0. 0 5 %
  • Their platform is also free and offers great suggestions.
  • Their platforms TradeTiger, Share Mobile, Share Khan classic are the best for online trading.
  • They are second on the market. Their presence in many cities exceeds 675. Their fee is 0. They charge 0.1% to 15%.
  • The account opening fee is Rs. 750 and the maintenance charge is Rs. 440
  • Although the cost is higher if you are online, it is still one of the most affordable in India.


Share brokerage is great for friends. It all depends on the brand value and customer service. You can choose any stock brokerage that suits your needs.

I hope that you enjoyed the Best Share Brokerage Information