Top Secret Strategies to Win Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the oldest and most simple card games played in the world. Although it appears simple, a great deal of skill and strategy is needed to win every time. Even with the most effective methods, there’s some element of luck involved in any game, which is so thrilling! These tips can increase your chance of winning.

Strategies to win Solitaire

1) Expose Larger Stacks First

When trying to find hidden cards to reveal you to the world, it’s recommended you pick columns with massive piles hidden behind the current face cards. Removing the hidden card columns whenever possible will increase the chance of uncovering valuable Solitaire cards that you can utilize to create stacks of exposed cards.

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2) Don’t empty a Spot without a King

Many gamblers make the rookie error of emptying the tableau areas or piles to take all their Solitaire cards in that slot. It remains empty if you don’t have King cards to fill that slot since only kings can fill these spots. It blocks off the whole column until you’re lucky enough to draw a King from the other cards.

3) Keep Color in Mind When filling in a space.

The choice of a black or red King to fill space is vast. It determines the color order for that pile throughout the remainder of your game. Be aware of the queen and jack cards you have on hand to ensure a smooth stacking process.

4) Open the Deck Card that is the first to be revealed.

It’s easy. However, many people are guilty of beginning with their piles and shifting cards around the tableau before flipping the first concealed card from the above deck. In reality, you should be sure to reveal the card on the first move, as it offers you an additional selection of choices to build the foundation decks (the four slots in the upper left of your tableau) or to build piles below. There are more options when playing Solitaire.

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5) Don’t always build Ace Stacks.

It may seem odd and unorthodox, but moving cards into the higher Ace foundations or stacks above the main tableau could cause problems if those cards are required to move the piles below. Make sure to think about this before making your Ace stacks because the cards you put into these stacks can’t constantly be retrieved and may make you lose the situation if you don’t take care. This is particularly true during the final game.

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6) Do not move cards for no Reason.

It’s easy to move the cards around from stack to stack and gradually build the pile, but putting important cards of different colors behind lower cards is an effective way to lock yourself out of winning. In general, you should only move cards if there’s an obvious advantage or to expose an undiscovered card. Could you not do it to make piles?

7) Take the Ace or two.

When you draw the Ace or Two cards from your stockpile, you play the cards, not taking other cards to fill the stockpile. It’s considered to be one of the most successful strategies to play. The Aces will always be a foundation. The two or two deuces could be next.