Sonic Forces Game Sonic Forces promises to offer players a variety of attractive races among powerful racers

VARIETY OF CHARACTERS : Sonic Forces Game the speed hedgehog, is the main character of the game. Everyone is familiar with him. Despite being the main character of Sonic

DISTINCTIVE GAMES  You can create a unique character playstyle, collect many items, overcome many obstacles, and finally reach the finish line together.

THE ADVANTAGES OF THE RACE : You can race against other characters, and you can also use the vantage points that are scattered around your track to your advantage by running into them.

PARAMETER UPGRADE : You'll receive bonuses that you can exchange for other items or benefits that will allow you to maximize your gameplay.

KEY FEATURES : Interactive 3D graphics are safe and fun for all ages.

KEY FEATURES : Races are able to have advantages that can be dispersed. This allows players to gather them and then use them to their advantage.

KEY FEATURES : You can compare your achievements with your friends on leaderboards.

KEY FEATURES : Have fun playing games with friends to make more interesting races.

KEY FEATURES : You can make many upgrades to customize your character, tailor the game and develop your talents.