What is Wiper Malware? & What to do to avoid Wiper malware attack?

Wiper Malware has been present in the cyber world for many years, but Russia’s aggressive attitude on Ukraine has once again brought it into the limelight. It is believed that Russia has targeted Ukraine with Wiper Malware in recent days, so let us tell you what Wiper Malware actually does? And how much damage does it do? Know about it in detail so that you too wiper malware If you can get information about it, then let us know what is Wiper malware?

On the morning of Thursday 24 February, many important websites of the government of Ukraine have been victims of cyber attack. This attack has been seen just after the declaration of war by Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the report of CNN, there has been a cyber attack on the websites of many other ministries and departments, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. According to cyber security researchers, there has also been a separate incident of hacking in Ukraine, in which data-wiping tools have been detected in hundreds of computers there. On the Wednesday before Thursday, the website of the Parliament and Ministers of Ukraine was hacked for a while.

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What is Wiper Malware?

Wiper Malware Permanently deletes all the data on the affected system. The most dangerous thing about this malware is that the data that has been deleted cannot be recovered, that is, what is gone is gone. It is not possible to recover the data deleted by it. The purpose of using Wiper Malware is to completely destroy the system. For this reason, the use of Wiper Malware at the time of war gives benefits.

As far as publicly available and compared to other malware, Viper was not used to steal money or demand ransom. Whereas the sole purpose of Viper Attack was to destroy the entire system. In such a situation, wiper malware is a big thing for the attacking countries in situations like war.

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How does Wiper target malware?

The reason behind using Wiper malware is to erase the evidence of its existence, that is, whoever uses it does not want to come in front of the world. In this case it is mentioned in the report. Russia is using it while it is denying these allegations. Wiper is capable of attacking system recovery tools, so that the user has nothing to claim. It is possible that this malware targets the system by taking advantage of human error or lack of cyber hygiene. To protect against its attack, security experts recommend not to download any suspicious files or software.

How does Wiper Malware destroy personal computers?

Wiper malware is commonly used to destroy evidence. Things that the attacking countries do not want to let in front of the world. Russia may be erasing its footprints by cyber attacks on Ukrainian facilities. Wiper Malware is so powerful that it can destroy entire recovery tools, after its attack a person or organization is completely helpless and they do not even have enough data left to provide evidence of an attack.

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Wiper Malware or similar dangerous malware enters the system only due to human error. Security experts advise that downloading any suspicious files should be avoided and software should not be updated ahead of schedule.

What to do to avoid malware attack?

Backing up of data is most important to protect against cyber attacks. Meaning that always keep important data backed up, so that if any malware ever attacks your system, your data will be safe with you. Strengthen your personal computer’s firewall system so that any suspicious activity on your organization’s network can be detected and stopped.