How to use WhatsApp Message Reaction Feature?

WhatsApp is finally making the WhatsApp Message Reaction Feature available to all of its users. The news comes about two weeks after the Meta-owned application revealed the function, which is now closed. The most recent deployment will be available to all users. The announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, on his official Facebook account.

WhatsApp Message Reaction Feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed it in an Instagram story after previously hinting at the feature when discussing its next most anticipated product, WhatsApp Communities.

Zuckerberg said that, at the outset, users would be able to choose from six different WhatsApp replies when responding to messages sent by others. It will include the thumbs-up emoji, the love emoji, the LOL emoji, the wow emoji, the teardrop emoji, and the high-five emoji.

Meanwhile, according to the WhatsApp features source WABetaInfo, we may soon have the option of using any of our favorite emojis as response images. Also possible is the use of GIFs or stickers in the response options for the users.

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Earlier in April 2022, WhatsApp revealed that several new features would be rolling out on the app, including the Communities feature and the ability to have additional people participate in a WhatsApp Voice Call with a single click.

How to use and update WhatsApp Message Reaction Feature?

  • -First, go to any chat room where you wish to respond.
  • -Press and hold the message you wish to respond to for a few seconds.
  • A pop-up window with six different emojis will appear as soon as you complete this step.
  • To use an emoji, drag your thumb/finger to the emoji of your choice and leave it there.
  • As soon as the response to that specific message is posted, you’ll be able to view it.

Because of the large number of brief messages that may be sent in a group chat, this specific function will be particularly beneficial in group conversations that might become overwhelming. You won’t have to write a separate reply using the reactions function. It is just a matter of tapping and holding the screen. A significant amount reduces the entire reaction time.

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Voice calling facilities have also been added to WhatsApp. A single voice call may have several participants, and the public interface of the call can include additional participants as well. In a single call, you may now add up to 32 persons. The symbols used to represent the participants have been reduced in size to include an audio waveform format as their representation. A call could only have eight participants at one time in the past.

WhatsApp Message Reaction Feature Update

According to the post, users will initially receive only six emoji reactions, which include the following: like, love, laugh, surprise, sad, thank you, and thank you for reading. The possibility that users would be able to use all of the emojis in the future has been raised through beta testing, which has also been confirmed.

Additionally, users may soon be able to send GIFs or stickers via their messaging app and emojis if an update is released. In a recent development build, the same issue was discovered. Please remember that message reactions will show directly below a message if you haven’t already seen this functionality.

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WhatsApp Other Updates

Additionally, WhatsApp is working on the ability to maintain vanishing messages so that you may erase the expiry date from a disappearing message if you still want to keep it in the conversation after it has expired, among other features.

WABetaInfo said that when you retain a message, it will not be removed from the chat after its expiry; however, anybody may un-keep it if they do not agree to the message being in the chat after its expiration.

The poll will be sent to the appropriate persons, and you and others will be able to vote for the choice you pick, with all votes visible to other participants poll. Since group polls are still in the early stages of development, some features, such as the ability to see who voted for a specific option, may be added in a future update.

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