Why should we take Multiple Health Insurance Policies?

We should see whether it’s a good idea for yourself as well as your family to hold a solitary well-being strategy or different ones to guarantee satisfactory well-being inclusion.

Jyotsna as of late got her dad owned up to the medical clinic, and the clinic bill came up to Rs 10 lakh. In any case, since she had taken two health care coverage arrangements of Rs 5 lakh every one (of total guaranteed) from two guarantors, she was sure about getting it reimbursed.

Regardless, the subsequent safety net provider dismissed the case incredibly since they were not educated about the current strategy while purchasing an arrangement.

Many are going for various medical coverage strategies. Does it check out?

More Noteworthy inclusion

Numerous backup plans are hesitant to offer a total guaranteed past a cutoff (say Rs 5 lakh) given one’s age and endorsing rules. In such cases, purchasing another arrangement gets more inclusion. Some keep one strategy as a conventional wellbeing cover, while the second covers more sicknesses, maternity, or explicit circumstances.

Assume you have a representative well-being strategy. All things considered, you should possess a family floater to safeguard your family or guarantee steady inclusion even after you quit the organization.

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Clinic bills can be gigantic (as Jyotsna found out). The subsequent safety net provider could be drawn closer on the off chance that one backup plan rejects claims, consequently giving support. However long the case sum is less than the aggregate guaranteed, you have the decision to pick the backup plan for documenting claims.

It is once in a while reasonable to make claims from a solitary safety net provider with the goal that you could procure a No Claim Bonus from another (for a case-free year).

Less expensive charges

Charges are less expensive when you purchase from various backup plans. For instance, you as of now have a Rs 5 lakh wellbeing cover from one guarantor. Then, at that point, you can buy extra Rs 5 lakh cover from another guarantor or go for a top-up.

Since the top-up becomes relevant provided that cases are above Rs 5 lakh, their premium is less expensive.

Purchasing a family floater strategy can bring about high expenses, particularly if senior residents are in the family. Moreover, it probably won’t take care of your folks’ particular well-being cover needs. Thus, in such cases, purchasing separate arrangements for old guardians allows you to diminish the general premium outgo and profit extra tax reductions under Sec 80D.

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In any case, simply purchasing various wellbeing well-being arrangements isnt sufficient. You need to figure out its operations and know the system for making claims, to keep away from disillusionment, as Jyotsna experienced.

Here are a few pivotal perspectives to cover:


Take a look at the case settlement proportion and brand notoriety of the guarantor. It is critical to managing enormous guarantors who have been in the business for quite a while.

Make fitting divulgences

Assuming you take an extra strategy, illuminate the new guarantor about your current approaches. Not revealing such data could prompt dismissal as it is equivalent to distortion.

While making claims from two backup plans, the subsequent safety net provider could require a case settlement endorsement from the main guarantor and unique bills before paying the leftover sum.

This case applies when the case sum is more than the aggregate guaranteed by the main safety net provider. In this way, guarantee you judiciously handle the additional desk work that will involve such different cases.

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Fine print

Check the subtleties of the approach archive and for its co-pay provisions, room lease conditions, sub-cutoff points, and deductibles, among others. Likewise, know the commitment provisos that depict the conditions under which they will be conjured. Remember that commitment provisions generally get conjured just when the case sum is higher than the aggregate guaranteed by the safety net provider.

Besides, it isn’t material in characterized wellbeing arrangements by which the cover is of fixed nature or has no connection to the treatment cost. Here, you pay a single amount sum (say, on the determination of a sickness), and the strategy naturally gets ended.

Make like-to-like examination

Some wellbeing strategies cover you up to a particular age, while others offer lifetime sustainability. Thus, guarantee you hold arrangements that give the longest residency of inclusion.

As a thumb rule, make claims in more established strategies where the hanging tight period for illnesses is finished.

Important point

Holding different well-being approaches is practical and works with more amazing inclusion and enhancement. Notwithstanding, do the important reasonable level of effort and exposure before marking the dabbed line.

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